Mind reading Performer Josh Routh
REMEMBER! Josh can customize his performances for your needs. 

G - Disney-clean 
PG - Somewhat edgier comedy but nothing risque 
PG-13 - Vegas-type of show. Comedy and stunts that play best for an over 18 crowd.  

NOTE: Even Josh’s PG-13 show is not beyond the language or subject theme of most prime-time television programming. 

ALSO: You can also suggest certain audience members to be a part of his show!!!!!
Comedy Magician In St. Louis
Josh knows you want to have a great show. 
He wants the same thing!

Here's a few simple things that you can do to ensure a successful performance:  

INTIMACY: After thousands of performances, I can safely say that a performer having close proximity to his audience is the #1 reason for a successful show. The stage or performing area should be no more than 12 feet from the first seat or table of the audience. The closer, the better. A dance floor between the performer and the audience is a recipe for failure. 

AUDIO: A good audio system is crucial for an entertainer to be heard. For an audience of more than 100, a microphone with pole stand or a wireless body mic is necessary. For under 100 guests (in a quiet environment), it is optional. Please let us know if we need to provide audio equipment or if you will be providing it. 

LIGHTING: A performance of any kind cannot be appreciated without proper lighting set according to the size of your group. 

STAGING: Being able to be seen easily by the audience is very important. A minimum riser or stage size of 6 ft. deep by 12 ft. wide is satisfactory. And approximately 1 ft. of height per 100 audience members is a good rule of thumb to a maximum of 4 ft. high. Stairs to access the stage is also necessary. For audiences of 75 or less, staging is an option. 

MULTIMEDIA: For large audiences, an attractive addition is image magnification projection but, of course, is not necessary. 

DISTRACTIONS: People cannot really enjoy a show while they are eating or patronizing an open bar. All wait services should be halted during any performance.

INTRODUCTION: A proper introduction can set the tone for a great show. The person who gives the introduction also has the important job of quieting and getting audience’s attention. The introduction should be given by a person who is well-known by the group.
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